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Is There No One Else? 

If you're familiar with the epic film "Troy" there is a scene in the movie where Achilles and Boagrius are summoned to fight to the death as representatives of their army. After Achilles makes short work of Boagrius he emphatically asks "Is there no one else? Is there no one else??" It was a simple yet powerful question because the tone suggested the question was almost rhetorical.

The truth was, there was no one else. Out of thousands of soldiers who could have potentially faced Achilles that day, there was not a single soul capable of winning a fight with him.
Floyd Mayweather is the modern Achilles...except Mayweather isn't a demi-god, (I don't think) Mayweather isn't a Greek myth and to my knowledge, Mayweather's weakness isn't his ankles (that was ultimately the demise of Achilles).
Ok but enough of the satirical humor. In all seriousness there is no one else.
With Mayweather believed to be retiring after his six fight deal with Showtime, it would have been ideal for his last fight to be the biggest- you know- kind of like saving the best for last. Instead, Money Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez duked it out last month in a one-sided boxing lesson in what will go down as the highest grossing fight in boxing history. It's an incredible feat. The problem is no one knows who's next?
Floyd Mayweather is currently champion at both welterweight (147lbs) and junior middleweight (154lbs). He's a small 147 as is so the fact that he's been challenging himself against bigger guys at 154 is quite impressive. However, to think he should again challenge himself and move up to 160 is irresponsible to suggest. That's not happening. I can guarantee that.
But between 147 and 154 there are certainly some names one could throw out as possible opponents, but none truly pose a threat and more importantly, hardly any can realistically be promoted as the one who will de-thrown Mayweather.
Recently England's Amir Khan's name has been floating around. Because of his large British fan-base, he's certainly a candidate. It's a money fight. But he hasn't looked good in his last 2 bouts against C level competition.
Another possible opponent is welterweight IBF champion Devon Alexander. Alexander is probably more deserving than say a Khan, but Alexander has a very small following and is largely unknown to anyone who isn't a boxing head. It would be extremely difficult to sell that fight.
Tim Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez, two worthy foes, are both promoted by Top Rank and it's well documented that Top Rank and Golden Boy do not do business together. Same with Pacqiuao. The bad relationship between Golden Boy and Top Rank was the real reason the Pacquiao fight never happened. So you can forget about any matchup that involves these two companies working together.
So who's next? Cotto rematch at 154? How about 147? His new trainer Freddie Roach seems to think he's better off fighting there. How bout 140 pound king Danny Garcia? He certainly is deserving, but he has yet to test himself at 147, which is where the fight would take place hypothetically speaking.
At this point no one knows who's next for Floyd. Obviously he will be fighting someone; the date and venue are already booked (May 3rd at the MGM grand in Las Vegas). But my guess is whomever is chosen as his next opponent won't appease passionate boxing heads and won't be known by the casual fan.
The good news is Mayweather is big enough to carry the promotional side of a fight virtually on his own; he's done it before. And with 4 fights left until he sails off into the sunset, it looks like he's going to have to do it again.
Kehinde Aragbaye


The face of boxing, Floyd 'Money' Mayweather, is back September 14th for his second bout of the calendar year.
That's something we shouldn't take for granted. Over the last 3-4 years Mayweather has fought just once annually. But with his new Showtime deal intact Mayweather is obligated to remain active; it's part of his 6 fights-30 month deal. He is down to his last 5.

He will be facing off against Mexican superstar and WBC Junior Middleweight champion, Canelo Alvarez. It's a tough fight for Floyd. In fact, I'm not sure it's the fight Floyd Mayweather truly wanted, atleast right now.
With 5 fights left on his showtime mega-deal, the presumption was that Mayweather would cherry-pick his way to 5 more unchallenged victories, en-route to an undefeated 49-0 career. But there's only one issue; Mayweather, who never ceases to remind us he is his own boss, now has someone to answer to.
Let's be clear, his deal with Showtime is an investment, not a gift. You think they offered Floyd Mayweather the most lucrative deal in sports history (unofficially $250 Million) because they think he's cool? I doubt it. What's certain however, is that Showtime wouldn't have agreed to the deal if they weren't certain it would pay dividends for them on the back end. The grim-reaper is now calling.
Each of Mayweathers last 3 fights have done well over 1 million PPV buys; each of them have also been on HBO,the biggest boxing network in the U.S. But his last fight against 10-1 underdog Robert Guerrero is reported to have not reached 1 million.
No official number was ever released, which is enough to indicate the numbers were disappointing. According to Dan Rafael of ESPN the ppv buys did not top 1 million, "I have good industry sources who swear by their children this fight will not reach 1 million buys. I am told the number is about 870,000."
After a massive promotional campaign that included 2 documentaries and an all-access fight lead up, I think its fitting to qualify the underwhelming numbers as embarrassing. Showtime invested a lot of money into Mr. Mayweather and they want their end of the bargain. They want record breaking ppv buys. They want money. And Mayweathers upcoming fight with Mexican sensation, Canelo Alvarez is insurance. It's the biggest fight the sport has to offer. Some boxing analysts believe there's a possibility it breaks the ppv record (2.4 million buys) set in 2007 by 'Money' Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya, who promotes Alvarez. I'm not sure I agree but the point is, it's a massive event and gives Showtime a chance to get their "get-back," for lack of a better word.
The truth is Mayweather needs a respectable dance partner to break a million. Robert Guerrero was unknown and boring to be frank. Canelo has the star power, fan base, and fighting skills to bring some real attention to this fight. Both are undefeated.
Whose 0 will go first? It's hard to bet against Mayweather; but regardless of the outcome, one thing is for sure, from now on you can expect the biggest fights against the best opposition. Showtime will make certain of that.
The fight takes place September 14th at the MGM grand in Las Vegas.
-Kehinde Aragbaye


By Kenrick Thomas


The blood, the punches and the bruises, that's what makes ground and pound fascinating to watch for audience members. After a couple of minutes of stand up with punches being exchanged, going for a take down and watching great wrestlers and jiu jitus fighters use ground and pound is what makes spectators stay on the edge of their seats. You've might have witnessed this when watching or attending a mix martial arts fight, but you've never witnessed this from an amateur promotion in the state of Florida, until tonight.


After years of punches to the body, finally amateur fighters can now punch to the head when their opponent is on the ground. It's what the amateur industry for MMA has been working on for years, because the effects on the show. No ground and pound, leads to unhappy spectators; they're won't be anymore complaints about great wrestlers not giving the audience members something shocking to view. Now that ground and pound is legal for amateur fighters in Florida, audience members won't be able to sit in their seats when the first punch is thrown.
Amateur fighters with three fights or more will be using ground and pound to their advantage, and now fighters won't feel like there match is useless when their fight makes it's way to the ground. Out of state fighters will feel like home, because the rules won't differ and in state fighters will be adding something extra to their game. Imagine the first reaction when the first punch is thrown and the bruises become noticeable, striking won't be the only thing the audience will be begging for.

Ground and pound has finally made it's way to Florida, and now amateur fighters will get a taste of the "pro" life as an MMA fighter. Fighters won't be thrown into the fire when their first professional fight comes along, because they would now understand the experience.